Domain 'Transfer In' Service

We manage your Domains Transfer

As part of getting your brand new website ready and live we will provide you with your very own dedicated Technical Team member who will work with you for as long as it takes to bring your existing www. address over to Toolkit Websites.

In the past our Technical Team have had to contact Call Centres, email transfer requests to old providers, speak to 'Live Chat' robots and even chase up old Web Designers over the phone to get hold of our customers domain(s). We do this because we understand the value and importance of retaining your businesses domain when building a new website.

Our Domain Promise to you!

We promise to work as hard as we can to bring your domain over with your website and have it in place well before your new website is due to be published.

We know how important domains are to our customers which is why we are happy to go the extra mile to ensure you keep it linked to the new website you have built with us.

Our Domain Transfer Service removes the hassle out of the transfer process for you, saving you time and worry around moving and linking your domain to the new website being built with us.

This service is one of many extras our Passionate Support and Technical Teams offer that set up apart from many other Web Design companies.

This Service is just a one off cost of £60+VAT.
Toolkit's Technical Team really went above and beyond to make sure my domain was in place before my new website went live.
Domain 'Transfer In' Service Benefits:
  Expert Technical Team Contact
Your own dedicated Technical Team Member who will liaise with you and work on your behalf to transfer your domain(s) in to our hosting which comes as part of your package at Toolkit Websites.

  Primary Domain Transfer in
The Technical Team will work on your Primary Domain and if required help move across any additional domains that may be used to forward customers to your Primary address.

  Email Set Up
Once the Domain has been transferred in we will create and provide you with your very own Professional Business Class Email Service with links to Webmail and instructions on how to configure your own Email Client.

  Email Configuration
If you are unsure of how to set your new Emails up we will go the extra mile and set up a Screen Share appointment where we will download and set up your own emails on the fantastic and FREE Mozzila Thunderbird.
Free Existing Domain Liaison Service
Regardless of who your Domain is currently with our Technical Team will look to liaise with them, whether over the phone, via email or through smoke signals! We will do what we can to pull the domain in for you.

DNS Management
In order to ensure there is ZERO DOWNTIME we are happy to manage your domains DNS on the side of your existing provider prior to transferring to make sure your emails and website stay live at all times.

Guaranteed no downtime between services
Our Technical Team are experts with transfers and DNS management so we are happy to promise absolutely ZERO DOWNTIME for you when transferring as long as we can get full access to your domain.

  Telephone and Email support
Because you have your own Technical Team member assigned to your account you are able to call or even email in to them directly with any queries as they would be delighted to help.
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