Email Migration & Restoration
If you're an existing client of Toolkit Websites and need to restore lost emails, call us on 02380 633644 as soon as possible and speak to one of our technical team who will be able to advise accordingly.

Email migration will allow us to delve into your existing mailboxes with your current provider and transfer, on your behalf, all of your emails over to your new business class mailboxes.

Email migration is a popular option for the majority of our clients, it will give you the peace of mind that all your emails will be safe and instantly backed up to our server ready for when you begin using your mailboxes with us.

We have had in the past clients seek to back up their own email accounts and during their domains transfer, emails have been lost due to poorly taken back ups or the computer/laptop they were backed up to were damaged or stolen. This means that all emails they had saved were lost!

Your emails are critical to your business so we would strongly advise you to adopt our migration service and let us manage your emails during the transfer process.

Why not opt for our state of the art email migration and restoration service NOW!
 Features Benefits for You


We can provide full recovery of lost or deleted emails.

Please call the office as soon as possible on 02380 633644 if you require this service. One of our technical team will advise accorindgly.
All of our client emails are treated with utmost confidentiality and we can guarantee their security during the migration process.
Inbound and Outbound Service
We can not only offer our migration service to people joining Toolkit websites but we can offer it to clients who are using a new email provider.
No Lost Emails or Folders
We will ensure that during the migration process, no emails are lost, deleted or missed.

Not only that but all of your existing email folders within your mailbox will also be migrated over. It's alsmost like you've not changed providor!

Quick and Efficient
We can guarantee that your emails and folders will be completely migrated within just two working days.
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Still unsure on this service or would like to know costs, please call the office on 02380 633644 and one of our technical team would be happy to help.

Why not opt for our state of the art email migration and restoration service NOW!

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