Modern Design

Great designs are no longer a luxury for businesses, they're everywhere on the web. Small businesses can no longer afford to ignore their websites because start up companies can now have fantastic looking websites in a matter of weeks. Theres no excuse.

Consumers have also grown accustomed to great designs all over the web, from Brand Leaders like Nike, Innocent Smoothies, Pepsi etc. to their local plumbers and restaurants.

Great design isn't a bonus, its expected and its this expectation and experience your clients have that make them tough to impress!

Modern Clients Expect Modern Websites

Old, outdated, and neglected websites will be ignored and essentially push clients away rather than bring them in. Your website needs to scream at visitors exactly what you do, how you do it and be presented in a modern design that encapsulates your branding.

Google says that we have a matter of seconds to capture a consumers 'click' before they hit the dreaded back button and move away from your website. To do this you need to capture their attention straight away with modern call to actions on the site using videos, animations, graphics or just plain old well presented text in modern fonts. Your website needs to both show off what you do as well as encourage visitors to click on through your website.

There is no point investing hundreds and possibly thousands in to PPC or SEO experts if the site itself is not fit for purpose.

Redesign your website now

If your websites design has not been updated for over 2 years then you'll be happy to know we provide a fantastic Redesign Service which will allow us to completely revamp your existing design to bring it up to date with todays consumer.

The Redesign Service puts your products and services at the heart of your design showing clients exactly what you do and why you are the company for them. We have some great before and after examples on our Redesign Portfolio which show the differences between a website built in 2010 and a site built this year.

What Else Can You Do?

My website was old, outdated and didn't reflect my new branding. The Design Team at Toolkit completely revamped my site it now looks fantastic!
Aquaspec have been a long-standing client of Toolkit Websites, first joining us back in 2005. Since starting up with us both design and functionality have developed vastly. This is why when they asked us to redesign their website we started at their branding and then modernised their website using their new company colours. Click on the image below to see the difference:

Modern Design Checklist

Website designed in the past 12-24 months

If you can tell your website is slightly outdated then so will your clients. A modern design with up to date technologies and graphics is the best way to scream at visitors you're an up to date and modern business!

All products and services displayed

Your website is more than likely designed to promote your business online, so do you actually mention everything you do? Use your homepage to tell visitors everything you do and provide them with links on how to find out more.

Reflects your branding

Is your Logos branding and colour scheme used across the website? Do you have subtle design elements that take inspiriation from your company logo? Using a set colour scheme is a great way to show off your business in a consistent way as it can mirror all offline marketing you have such as business cards, company clothing, letterheads etc.

Homepage dressed

Plain content with no styling, graphics or animations can look boring and put off visitors. Get your homepage and any other pages that are crucial to your site dressed by our design team as they can use their design expertise to attract and encourage users when they visit your site

Professional Logo used

Have you had your logo designed or is it just plain text? Paying to have a unique logo created with your colours and possibly even company slogan is worth its weight in gold when it comes to brand power and recognition.

Company Blog up to date

Blogging is great for keeping your content on your website relevant but it is also a great indicator for when a website has been left to rot. Blogs are a weekly thing, not yearly and need to be used wisely to show visitors how up to date your website is.

No trace of Flash Technology

Flash + Websites = a no no! You may have seen the warnings before on your own computers stating 'Your Flash Technology is out of date'. Flash is an out of date technology for web design and should never be used because it simply does not work  on Mobile phone browsers!

Social Media used

Social Media now has a direct affect on your Google rankings and the more likes and followers you can attract the higher your rankings. Use Social Media to engage with clients directly and show off how modern your design truly is as what modern site doesn't have Facebook and Twitter?
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