Regular Updates

In the past couple of years, Google has significantly improved the algorithm for how the rank different websites, and the order in which they appear when searching on Google.

This new algorithm now favours websites that are regularly updated. SEO is very important to a websites success so we now recommend to all of our clients, to keep your webpage updated with new information on a regular basis.

There are a few different ways that make it easy to keep your website regularly updated with new information to optimise you SEO. A few examples of these are blogs, news pages, case studies and testimonials. The advantage of having at least one of these pages on your website, is all you need to do is post a new blog, add an extra testimonial or add a case study, and Google will see that as your website is being regularly updated, increasing the SEO of your website, and ultimately, the amount of traffic your website will get.

If you are looking to improve your website success, keeping it regularly updated is a great way to do this, as not only does it improve your SEO, it also keep people interested in your website. If you have a blog that you keep updating, and people are interested in reading the blog, then itís giving those people a reason to come back.

What Else Can You Do?

My clients really appreciate when I keep them up to date on all the latest news. Plus, it's so easy to use the Toolkit to add new text, it would be silly not to!

The benefits of keeping your site regularly updated

New Content - Keeping visitors engaged

Web users are no longer seeking the latest news, they have come to expect it on any and all websites they visit. Because of this you need to find ways to create new content that works for you


Updating your websites content, links and images gives Google something else to read about which, in their eyes, makes you more up to date and appealing to their users. This will help your positions!

Keep up with changes in technology

Widgets, booking services, interactive Google Maps (that go inside properties) are all new types of functionality your website can achieve as easily as copying and pasting. Keep your eye out for features you like on websites you visit and ask us if it's possible for you

Promote your Latest News

Have you recently had a new employee join your team? Is your company celebrating a birthday? Or do you just want to shout about a team lunch you've had? Any news is good news in Google's eyes so make sure you put it on to your website one way or another!

Integrate the site with Social Media

Social Media is the best and easiest way of keeping your clients up to date with the goings on with your company. Update your Facebook or Twitter accounts and link the site from and to them.

Modern Design

You have under 2 seconds to impress anyone who finds you from Google so design is everything. If you do not have a modern design with up to date information many web users will just hit that back button and start again! Ask yourself, would you stay on your own website? Does it need redesigning?

Technical Revision

Are you still playing Music on your website? or have Flash Technology powering your slideshow? If you do you need to revise these features to find more modern and Mobile/Consumer friendly ways then we can help. Contact us to discuss your options.

Key Words

Content is king and Google are always looking for key words or phrases in your website that tell them and their users what you do. Using an electrical firm as an example, if you're updating your news page about a recent Project, be sure to put words like 'Electricians' 'Electrical' or even location based words like 'Electrical work completed in Hampshire'.
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