SEO - The Honest Truth

Lets jump in to the deep end here with....

5 honest truths
about Search Engine Optimisation:

1 - Just getting your website live will not put you No.1 in Google (for key searches). It takes months, even years before a website can get to the top page in Google and those already there have spent the time and money to achieve these results. To get ranked on the first page you need to update your website more often than your competitors with regular keyword rich content and meta data added to your website.

2 - No one will ever find a website for a service that is not constantly talked about across a website. If you want to be found under 'Web Design Southampton' but have no mention of these 3 words either together or separately on your site, Google will never promote you under this search.

3 - All websites are on the first page in Google but ONLY when you search for a specific domain. Getting to No.1 in Google for a service you provide or area you work in is something completely different.

4 - SEO is completely FREE, you don't have to pay through the roof for it and whatsmore, it's easy to do, you just need to be able to update your own website (which with us you can). Google wants fresh content, up to date news about your business, blogs, active Social Media accounts and as much content as possible about who you are, where you work and what services you provide. You, or anyone you ask to do it for you, can do all this within your Toolkit.

5 - If you are just assuming your website will appear under 'X Services in X location' but you haven't factored this in to your domain, content, meta descriptions etc then it just wont happen. This is not the responsibility of your Web Design company, this will form part of your company's marketing plan as you'll need to list the top 5-10 searches you want to appear under in Google and gear your website for this type of traffic.

SEO - The first 2 steps

Google rewards those who invest time and effort into their website and the only quick fix would be to go down the Pay Per Click route, but this can be expensive and time consuming also.

To optimise your website you first must know what keywords or phrases you are targeting in Google. This could be 'Web Design London' or 'Logo Design in Hampshire'. Once you know the words you are targeting you can start looking into how Google works and what you can do to make them pick your website up in these types of searches.

If you follow the 2 steps below, it will help you get a grip on exactly what searches your website should be appearing under and how you can optimise your website yourself from within your Toolkit.

Step 1 - Before embarking on any optimisation of a website we would strongly recommend that our clients do a thorough keyword analysis to check what are the best keyword phrases that people use to search for their product or service.

You can use Google's Keyword Planning tool which although built for use with their Adwords PPC Service, it will still allow you to see how many searches a month are performed on any given search phrase, for free without having to set up a PPC campaign.

Using this tool we recommend you find your top 5/6 searches that you want your website to be found under.

Step 2 - Once you have your keywords, it's time to optimise your website using the Toolkit. Use our SEO Guide to help you to understand what you can do with your content, images, links, pages, meta description etc. to improve your rankings with Google.

At this point we also recommend you make sure to install Google Analytics on your website so that you can track how well the website is performing and monitor your incoming hits month on month. It's free and can be signed up to here.

Once you have successfully gone through both of the steps above, get back in touch with us and your Account Manager will be able to provide further hints, tips and advice on how to improve your only exposure and increase traffic to your site.
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