On the web, Google is king. The search giant is at the top of the food chain for almost every business online and it's this top predator that may have killed off SEO.

Social Media is a must

Google is constantly updating its practices in order to ensure that the top result for a search for, say, cheap home insurance is a decent insurance company not a page with the phrase cheap home insurance written several thousand times that links to a casino site.

What Else Can You Do?

In the past, links have been the building blocks of what makes a site popular but Google is now recognising that social media is the chief way web users share content. So now, Facebook likes and retweets count for more than reciprocal links.

Setting up and managing Social Media is free and without it your website will struggle to get on to that all important first page in Google. Google expects to see Social Media on your website so link clients from your site to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ accounts and then, in the same way link customers back to your website.

Marketing online has changed its focus

According to Forbes contributor Ken Krogue, an SEO man himself, there is only one sort of content now: real and relevant content that benefits those who search. Krogue also recommends building good social followings a good thing in their own right to boost your search engine rankings, quoting Adam Torkildson on what matters: It is the buzz you create. And how much value you provide your community of followers in return.
What social media set ups can we offer?


YouTube is the third most popular site in the world after Google and Facebook. The addition of YouTube to your website means you will be a member of an ever-growing community of video sharing.


With over 60 million users from hundreds of different industries, LinkedIn is great for finding new customers, keeping an eye on the competition and building up new business to business relationships.


It is sometimes hard to believe that sending short messages ñ like text messages ñ to other Twitter users can make a huge difference to your business, but it can. Free to set up and easy to use Twitter is a no brainer.


Facebook fan pages can give your search engine optimisation a major boost. Link your website to your facebook page and vice versa. Google will then find your Facebook posts from your website.

Social Media Pack

If you like the sound of all of the social media websites, we can offer our Social Media Pack. This is a set up of an account with all of the websites mentioned to the left at a discounted price.


Do you blog? They’re a great way for people with expertise in a certain field to share their knowledge with others, and to keep the world informed of the latest news in their industry.
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