Thunderbird v Outlook

Since switching I've been amazed at how easy it is to use. I can't recommend Thunderbird highly enough!

Are you currently using Microsoft Outlook to view your emails?

Did your computer come with Outlook so you just use it out of habit?

Outlook is often the adopted and stuck with Mail Client for many but we are here to tell you there is a better option. Mozilla Thunderbird! Thunderbird is a fast, easy to use free Email Client that we recommend to all of our clients.

Thunderbird users will benefit from a range of perks that are not available with Outlook. These include free account set ups, technical support as and when it's required, automatic software updates plus many other fantastic features that can be seen below.


Email Comparison Chart
Thunderbird 15.0+ Outlook 2010
About Thunderbird is a professional solution for small businesses, providing excellent email security within an easy to use Email Client. Free to download and provides automatic updates for its users at no additional cost. A bloated, costly and Overly complicated Email Client. Outlook Provides numerous additional features such as Synced Calendars and Task Lists which are more suited to Larger firms with dedicated in house I.T. teams



£ 89.85
Average uprgade time 3 Months 3 Years
Year of initial release 2003 1997

Customer Support
Ease of Use

Service Benefits
Free on-going technical support
Free unlimited technical support
Free Email Account set ups
Free to use
Free Customisation
HTML Email signature guides
Full support for IMAP syncronisation

Service Features
Auto Configures on set up
Deletes emails at the first time of asking
Automatic free software updates
Downloadable Themes
Attachment reminders, never send an email again without an attachment!
Migration assistant to help you move away from other Mail Clients.
Avoids email corruption when closing software down
IMAP Mapping for Deleted and Trash folders
Google Calendar Intergration
RSS Feed reader
Search Facility
Social Media Integration
Calendar Service

Overall Rating
Best Use Cases If you want a free, secure, easy to use and incredibly easy to install Email client with free unlimited technical support then Thunderbird is perfect for you. Outlook is ideal if you are looking for excessive funcationality within an Email Client. It is a great mail client if you have the dedicated IT support it requires.

Ready to switch?

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Thunderbird service please feel free to contact our support team on 02380 633644.
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