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We understand how important it is for websites to have the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) possible. Because of this, we have made it as easy as possible for you to add or change the Meta Keywords, the Meta Descriptions, Google Analytics, Alt Text and more. All of this is incorporated into the Toolkit, and can be changed by you, as many times as you like, by simply logging into the Toolkit, and clicking on Search Engine Settings.

Using the Toolkit, you can also change the Page Keywords and Page Description on each individual page to fully optimise the SEO on your website.

If you are looking to get more success with your website, itís crucial that you have SEO set up on your website, as without having SEO set up on your website, itís very difficult to find without knowing the website address. Fully optimised SEO can be the difference your website needs to get the success that you are looking for.

We know just how important SEO is, which is why weíve put all these added features in, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of them.

Easy 5 Step SEO Guarantee:

We also recommend that you approach your Search Engine Optimising in the following 5 step process:

Step 1 - Before embarking on any optimisation of a website we would strongly recommend that our clients do a thorough keyword analysis to check what are the best keyword phrases that people use to search for their product or service.

Use Google's Keyword planner, it will still allow you to see how many searches a month are performed on any given search phrase, for free.

Step 2 - Optimise your website using the Toolkit in conjunction with our SEO guide to ensure all the on site optimization is completed. You can download a copy of this here:

Then once the website has been optimised we would ask for a list of all the keyword phrases that have been used on the website to optimise it so we have a clear understanding of the key search terms that have been chosen.

Step 3 - Once the website has been optimised we would ask for a list of all the keyword phrases that have been used on the website to optimise it so we have a clear understanding of the key search terms that have been chosen.

We would recommend at this point that you set a bench mark for the website in order to measure the results of your efforts.

Step 4 - Then we would recommend your look at our website Success Pages to ensure all other avenues of marketing their business and website have been addressed.

You can see our website success guides here:

Step 5 - Consultation with your Account Manager to discuss your updates and the best next steps for your website.

What Else Can You Do?

I found the Toolkit's SEO sections really easy to use, and the guides they provide are really helpful for beginners like myself.

For more success with SEO

Get your site listed on search engines

Search engines can only promote you if you ask them to. Luckily we submit your site to the major Search Engines in Bing, Yahoo and Google however there are many more out there specific to industries that you may want your site linked from.

Page title also needs to include relevant words

Tell Google what each of your pages are all about by making sure their titles are descriptive. ‘About Us’ can be ‘About Example Company, the best carpet fitters in Hampshire’. Place your keywords and local areas in your titles.

Add your business and site to Google Places

Google places is a great way to get your website promoted through localised searches. If your clients come to your offices/premesis then get your website on Google places asap! It’s free and very easy.

Meta tags - used by search engines

Ensure your Description Tags are updated for each page on your website. These are not normally seen by clients but Google take notice of them. Fill the description tags with information on each individual page and use as many keywords in them as possible!

Use the Toolkit to optimise your site

The Toolkit allows you to update your content, meta data and links. All of these are huge parts of what Google wants to see on your website. Just log in, update your site and watch your site rise in the rankings!

Meta data description

Go through all the content in your website and make any Keywords in there Bold . For example, ‘We are a Web Design company based in Hampshire, Southampton called Toolkit Websites specialising in Websites.

Make sure the URL is relelvant

‘Click here’ for more information… Links are great ways of pushing people around your website but make sure it’s relevant. Push people to websites in your industry or to other pages on your website as this is great for SEO.

Keyword content

Draw up a list of all the Keywords you have and would expect clients to use when looking for you in Google and then go through your entire site and try and place them anywhere possible. The more mentions of them the better!
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