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On the web, Google is king. The search giant is at the top of the food chain for almost every business online and it's this market leader that you need to impress to have the best chance in its search rankings.

Google is (if you didn't know) the world is favourite search engine and itís been that way for some time now.

It's because of Googles popularity and domination of the Search Engine market that we now have a fantastic new Site Analysis Report which will show you exactly how Google feels about your website.

Our Site Analysis Reporting service is key to understanding how your site is doing as it will index your website just like Google does and provide you with a report on its performance.

Segmenting your website's performance

The Site Analysis Report will go through everything on your website that you can see, like your content on each and every page, all your downloadable files plus every image you have on your website.

However, it will also Analyse the Technology that powers your site, the coding it uses plus the general speed and layout of your website which goes a very long way to how Google rank you.

To have a successful website you need to know how the major Search Engines are viewing your site and where your improvements are required.

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The report will provide you with an overall score as well as break your site down and rank the following areas:


The report will analyse how your online marketing is performing. It will check backlinks, Social Media Marketing, how well your page titles are presented and provide a general overview on the content qualtiy within the site.

Social Media Usage

When indexing the Site Analysis Report will look for links from your website through to the major Social Media Sites. It will report back if links are none existent or broken. Social Media sites that the report will pick up on include Facebook and Twitter.


Looking at how simple and straightfoward it is to read and follow content within the site as well as checking contact details can be found easily by visitors. The report will also check content within the Website against the Keywords specified in the Meta Data.


Is all about how easy it is for your clients to navigate through your website. The Site Analysis Report will look at all of the links and URLs on your website to ensure they are as clearly defined as possible. This includes clearly defined headers, titles well presented and links being highlighted when hovered over.


Covers checking for broken links, outdated web technologies such as Flash Player and it will ensure all URL links are correct and working normally. The Technology area will also check for Google Analytics coding and look for any possible missing files within the website.


The Site Analysis Report will provide an overall score against the website taking in to account all of the features mentioned on this page. If you are interested in putting your website through our Analysis report please get in touch with us on 02380 633644.
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