You can increase your packages’ image or file limits, without having to upgrade - simply choose a bundle that suits your requirement & your monthly budget:

The image and file bundles allow you to upload more images (jpegs) , or files (PDF’s, Word Docs etc.) than your standard package allowance. This is a great way to save money if you only want to upgrade your image / file allowance without needing the extra functionality a package upgrade would offer.
 Image Bundles  Monthly (Ex Vat)
25 Images Extra £5
50 Images Extra £10
100 Images Extra £15
250 Images Extra £30
500 Images Extra £40
1000 Images Extra £60
 File Bundles  Monthly (Ex Vat)
25 Files Extra £5
50 Files Extra £10
100 Files Extra £15
250 Files Extra £30
500 Files Extra £40
1000 Files Extra £60
 Mailbox Bundles  Monthly (Ex Vat)
1 Mailbox £5
2 Mailbox £10
5 Mailbox £20
10 Mailbox £35
25 Mailbox £60
35 Mailbox £80

For more information on our Email Service, visit our dedicated email support page.

Note: All bundle packages last for a minimum of the rest of the current quarterly billing cycle.
E.g if you upgrade on the 3rd of November you will be charged from the 3rd of November untill the 31st of December. And thereafter your bundle package will be charged for each quarter in advance.

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