Domain Name Registrations

Do you include a domain name in my website package?
Yes, all our website packages come with one free domain name.  After you have ordered please tell us which domain name you would like to use.  We will register this domain name on your behalf.  You will be the legal owner of this domain name.

If you have already registered your domain name then you can transfer it to us.

Can I buy more domain names to redirect to my main website?
Yes, if you submit a support ticket our team will register your domain names and setup redirects to point to your main website.  The cost is £60 for 2 year's per domain name. You may want to register the different suffixes for your domain name and also misspellings and variations.  This ensures that your competitors cannot buy your domain names.

What suffixes can you register for my Toolkit Website domain name?
We are able to register the following domain name suffixes: Once you have chosen your domain name please let us know and we will register the domain name on your behalf.

We can setup domain hosting on the below suffixes too:

Click here to check the availability of your domain name

If you require an alternative Domain suffix then please register the domain name directly and follow our instructions to setup an A-Record to point the website to our servers.

What is an A-Record Update?
If your domain name has not been registered by us then you will need to perform an A-Record/CNAME update. This tells the domain name that your website is hosted with us.  Simply ask your domain name host to
update or add a CNAME record on the www. to target:

and then to change the bare (@) record to A-RECORD pointing to

Your domain control panel may take 2 to 24 hours to make the change to your settings.  Once the change has been made it can take 4-48 hours for all computers to recognise the update.

What is DNS?
The Domain Name System provides the foundation of the internet.   Every Domain Name points to an IP Address which is just like a phone number and points to an individual computer.  A Domain Name is much easier to remember than an IP Address.  The DNS tells website visitors which computer to request the web pages from.   Wikipedia >>

How long do DNS changes take?
If you make changes to your Domain Names DNS it can take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours for the changes to take effect across the Internet.  Wikipedia >>

Who is the registrant of a Domain Name?
You or your business will be the registrant of your Domain Name.  The registrant is the legal owner of a Domain Name.  You can check who the registrant is by performing a 'whois' search at: All Whois

Who is a Registrar of a Domain Name?
The company who is responsible for registering your domain name on your behalf is called the Registrar.

What is the HOSTS file on my computer?
(Advanced) If you want to change your settings to view a website on a different server then you can modify your HOSTS file.  Instructions

Can I transfer an existing Domain Name?
Yes.  If you have already registered your domain name then you can transfer it to us.

How long does a Domain Name transfer take?
Depending on the speed of responses a transfer can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
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