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The days when you could get away with using free webmail services for business are long gone. Customers now expect you to have professional email addresses, and you need to choose an email service you can rely on.

Now for some good news…

As a Toolkit Websites customer, we can offer you cost-effective email hosting services that not only have 99.9% uptime, but also provide you with lots of extra safeguards and functionality as standard.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re switching from another email hosting service, want extra addresses for email marketing, or you’re setting up business email for the first time. For just £5 per mailbox, you can unlock all these great features…
99.9% Uptime
POP3 and IMAP support
Advanced Webmailz
Contacts and Group Lists
Task Lists
Integrated Search
Mobile Access
Spam Filtering (blocks over 98% of spam)
Virus Protection (solid protection from the server)
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Cost-effective email services you can rely on

If you don’t want the hassle and expense of maintaining your own email hosting services, our mailboxes will cost you just a few pence per day. That’s a tiny investment for industry-standard reliability and professionalism…

Take a look at our prices. You’d be hard pushed to find better value anywhere:

Mailbox Amount Price Per Month (Ex VAT)
1 Mailbox
2 Mailboxes
5 Mailboxes
10 Mailboxes
15 Mailboxes
25 Mailboxes
35 Mailboxes
50 Mailboxes
* If you need extra storage for your mailboxes then we can provide you with as much as you need at little extra cost. For example, 5 gigabytes (GB) will cost you just £5 per month, whilst a massive 15GB is only £15 per month and will go onto all your mailboxes with us.
Extra Mailbox Space - Per Domain Price Per Month (Ex VAT)
£5 pm
£10 pm
£15 pm

Cost-effective email services you can rely on

If you use our email services, you not only get the peace of mind that comes for business-class email, you can also make significant savings on your overheads.

But don’t just take our word for it! This is what James Ward, Managing Director of Marine Resources has to say:
" In short, being a small company with minimal IT resources, it seemed every time that resource took any time off we would suffer a crash of our Microsoft Exchange Server.

Speaking to one of the Toolkit support staff , I discovered that I could outsource my email services and eliminate the overhead of running our own exchange services. The price footprint and email services available made it a real easy decision to use the Toolkit.

We have used the email hosting services for over 3 years and have had 99.9 percent uptime, and when we need to make a change, the support team for the Toolkit have accommodated every issue with fast and extremely courteous responses. I would recommend them to all of my business associates because they eliminated a major headache for our business."
~ James Ward
Marine Resources, Jan 2009
So, put your email in safe hands, and save yourself the worry and expense of expensive in-house systems. We also pride ourselves as a professional email marketing company which will go hand in hand with your new email address.

Choose our business class email service today. 99.9% uptime for only a few pennies per day. Professional email doesn’t have to be expensive or unreliable any more…
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