create a faviconIt's the little things that matter. That's why we offer a bespoke favicon service here at Toolkit Websites.

A favicon is a graphic that is associated with your website, and displays next to the website address, in the bookmarks folder and on tabs in most graphical web browsers.

If you look up, you can probably see our favicon, based on our cog logo in your browser address bar. You can read more about favicons on our blog.

There's a good reason for favicons being prime property online. Bookmarking! If people bookmark your website, it's probably going to go into a long list in their bookmarks folder. Having your logo next to your name will make that link in the bookmarks folder more recognisable and therefore one that people are more likely to click on.
 Features Benefits for You

In-Browser Promotion

Promote your brand on browser tabs and bookmarks.
Publicise Your Branding
Increase awareness of your business by promoting your logo.
One-Off Design
Your new favicon will be uniquely designed just for you.
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How It Works
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It's the same with tabbed browsing. When people have multiple tabs open, and jump from site to site, having a favicon next to your website title will again provide a quick visual reminder which tab belongs to your and your website.

Our design team can create a favicon for your website based on your web design for just £65+VAT
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Add the personal touch to your website, and improve your brand recognition today. Call us about a bespoke favicon for your website.



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