Google Analytics Setup

If you know how people find your site, the keywords they search on and the pages they look at, you can use this knowledge to make your website perform better.

And it doesn’t cost anything to build up a profile of your website visitors – thanks to the free website tracking software Google Analytics.

Our websites make it easy for you to install Google Web Analytics for yourself. But if you’d prefer us to take care of it – we can, for only £95+VAT.
How Google Analytics can help your business
Google Analytics is not only free and easy to install, but it offers significant benefits to your business:
  • If you advertise on Google using Adwords, you can measure how many people clicking on your ads become customers – your return on investment (ROI)
  • You can see which pages on your site are most effective – the ones that channel people to your contact page or shopping cart
  • You can see which browsers your visitors use – and make sure that your site works in all of them
  • It’s easy to see where in the UK and the world your visitors are – helping you to target your marketing campaigns.

Interested in setting up Google Analytics for your site?

So, start collecting valuable visitor information today – install Google Web Analytics on your website, or ask us to add it for you for the special price of only £95+VAT

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