How do I do a Print Screen / Screen Grab?

To make a screen grab / Print Screen on your PC, please do the following:

STEP ONE: TAKE THE SCREEN SHOT - Press the PrtSc (Print Screen) key. (Nothing will appear to happen; no clicks, flashes, windows opening, etc. will let you know you've created a screen shot. Don't worry!) The PrtSc (Print Screen) key is on your keyboard, either above the function keys (F9, F10, etc.) or above and to the right of the alphanumeric keyboard. - Close your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator...)

STEP TWO: INSERT A SCREEN SHOT To insert a screen shot into a Word document: - Open Microsoft Word and then open a new Word document or open the document you want to insert the screen shot into. - Click Edit>Paste (or simultaneously press the keys CTRL and V). The screen shot is now visible and pasted into a Word document.

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