Dynamic Sitemap Service

A Sitemap is a file which contains a listing of all pages within a website as well as the time the pages were last published. The file is used to inform and direct search engine crawlers so that web pages can be discovered and indexed quicker.

While a Sitemap does not change the method by which search engines (such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo!) search and index web pages, it does provide additional information that may not otherwise be discovered, such as pages that are not linked from any other page within your website. A sitemap provides an additional view into your site.

Features Benefits for You
See Who Links to You Help analyse your SEO performance through info on websites that link to you.
  Verify Owner ship Tell Google that you are the owner of the website to increase website performance.
  Keep Google Updated Benefits Set how often Google should check your website to ensure it has the most up to date version of your website.
Sitemaps are particularly helpful because your Toolkit website is dynamic and thus can be updated frequently using the Toolkit. This sitemap feature allows you to tell the search engines that your website content has changed

If your website is new and has few links to it then the sitemap feature allows you to inform the search engines about your new website more quickly than conventional search engine submission.

View the video below to see what Google has to say about why sitemaps are important


While sitemaps can make for speedier crawling and indexing of your pages, there are many other factors that influence the crawling/indexing processes. These other factors include:

  • *  How many sites link to you
  • *  Whether your content is unique and relevant
  • *  Search engines ability to crawl the pages successfully

Great Value

To submit create a Toolkit website search engine sitemap you will need to upgrade your package to include our dynamic sitemap service. The cost of the upgrade is a one off fee of just £95 + VAT, and stays on the website for the lifetime of your website with us.


This allows you to verify your website instantly with the two major search engines, Google & Bing Once submitted to these you will also benefit from quicker indexing for the lifetime of your website.

Automatic Updates

By upgrading to the dynamic sitemap service whenever you make a change to your website's content through the Toolkit also your search engine sitemap is updated automatically. In fact we recommend updating it whenever you have logged into the Toolkit and changed your websites content. This will ensure your website is always up to date with the search engines.

Simple To Upgrade

To upgrade your account simply login to the Tooklit and create a support ticket requesting the search engine sitemap upgrade. Your account will be updated within 24 hours ready for you to submit your new website sitemap.


To submit a sitemap you must have either a Google or Bing account or both.

You can sign up for an account with either search engine and add a sitemap:


Alternatively If you don't have either a Google or Bing account, do not worry, we have a great bundle offer for you when purchasing the sitemap service.

Choose our Google and Bing Webmaster Tools services (normally £95 + VAT each) at the same time as purchasing the sitemap service, you will get:
All 3 services installed & set up for just £155 + VAT.

This is a huge saving of £130 + VAT compared to purchasing each service separately.

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