Fancy Box

Fancy Box uses the latest web technologies to add a dynamic flair to your website.

The Fancy Box is a fantastic tool which will can be used to enlarge images, pop out videos, forms and more.

By using the Fancy Box you can give your website that bespoke look and feel. It will make it stand out from the crowd!

To add this feature on your website, please email or call the office on 02380 633644 and one of the team would be happy to discuss your requirements.
 Features Benefits for You

High Class Look

The Fancy Box will give your website that, desired, bespoke look and feel. Users visiting your site will be drawn in by the animations and effects that this service offers.
Keep visitors on your website
By using the Fancy Box you can keep users on the page they were viewiing. They will never have to navigate away from your site.
Increase Usability
Fancy Box was created to increase usability whilst keeping a design that looks great!

Whether its navigating through images, videos or anything else, the left and right arrows make this a simple task.

Working Examples:

Click on the links below to see examples of how you can use fancy box:

google analytics services

Latest web technologies, increase usability, these are just two great reasons to get this feature on your website. We can offer our expertise on how best to implement this into your website.

Get started today by emailing or why not call the office on 02380 633644.

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