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Does your website work on Mobiles or Tablets?

Over the last few years the Mobile and Tablet browsing markets have exploded and it has now become the norm for consumers to get home after work and pick up their iPad or pull out their Android phone on the go to surf the web.

Its this behaviour and the fact Mobile/Tablet browsing is so much easier than booting up a PC that means more and more of your customers are viewing your website on these modern devices. Stats actually show that right now we have a 3 out of 10 chance of guessing you are reading this on your phone or tablet!

These incredible statistics beg the question, is your website catering for your Mobile and Tablet browsing customers?

Forget Flash

The main area of a website which may suffer when being viewed on a Mobile or Tablet device is any and all Animations. In the past Animations would have been designed in Flash Technology which is used to create the sliders in your header and, whilst desktop browsers support this technology, the latest mobile browsers do not.

How does this affect your website?

The layout and view of your website wont be too affected but the animation, if built in Flash will simply not work for any current and potential clients coming in to your site.

You can check if your site uses flash by going to your website on a Mobile or Tablet device and seeing if your animation slides as it should or if it presents as a static image or does not present at all.
Don't miss out! The number of mobile users has doubled since last year. Now is the time to get your site mobile friendly!

So what can you do?
Since Apple announced it would not be supporting Flash on its devices our development team have been working hard to upgrade our platform to support the new animation technology that Apple and now Android require.

How long will this take?
Typically one of our design team in conjunction with one of our developers can re-create your flash animation using mobile friendly technology within 2-3 days.

This service costs £110+VAT.
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