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I was amazed at how easy it was
to put the Social Media Bar on
my website - it was up and
running in seconds!

Being on our latest Web-kit platform gives you access to our newest feature, the Social Media Toolbar. It offers full feed integration whereas normal icons are simply links to a page.

This means visitors to your website have instant access to your social media feeds and any news updates.

Social Media is a rapidly growing part of any company's marketing strategy. Today, people will be talking about your company online no matter what, and our Social Media Bar is an efficient way of joining the conversation.

The various social networking sites are now a staple in many of your customers' lives, so why not make use of this opportunity to interact with them, stress-free?

If you have a link to any of the social media on the right then you can start using the Social Media Bar straight away!
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 Features Benefits for you

One Stop for all Your Social Media
Your website is the hub for all your Social Media, meaning viewers don't have to navigate away.

Easy Access
The Social Media bar is on every page of your site, which makes it easy for clients to get in contact.
Live FeedsInstant access to your feeds, great for customer interaction.
Automatically updatesNo need to update your website social media, it automatically updates when you update your feed.
Subtle DesignUnobstrusive design means it fits with your website.

 Social Media Services
CMS Web DesignDon't have a Facebook page or a Twitter account? See the link below for our handy set-up services.

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