How to Add an Image

We will soon be adding a guide on how to UPLOAD AND THEN ADD an image in the same page. Coming soon...

The video below shows the process of adding an image to a page. If you don't have flash installed to view the video, below we have also provided static image screen shots with a text commentary for each step.

1) Click on pages button on the left hand side of the Toolkit.


2) Select the page you want to edit .


3) Click on the 'Insert Image' button. A pop up window will appear. If you do not see a pop-up window, please make sure you have added '' as a safe site on any pop up blocking software you are running.


4) Click on the 'Select' button to insert the image that you want.


5) Change the image property as you wish using the 'Alignment' drop down button and 'Image Size' drop down button. Click on Insert Image button to insert the image into the page.


6) The inserted image will appear in the edit box automatically.


7) Click on the 'Save Changes' button.


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